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DC comics DC Movie News August 6, 2017

How Flashpoint can work in the DCEU

In our latest YouTube video we detail our opinion on the announcement of the first Flash film being titled ‘Flashpoint’. I discuss how it COULD potentially work if done right. Be sure to watch the video below: Tell us what you think in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube page…

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DC comics DC Movie News July 22, 2017

Did the new Justice League trailer introduce another member of the House of El?!

By now you’ve ALL seen the new ‘Justice League’ trailer. If you haven’t watched, then you REALLY need to. Right now . . . did you watch it yet? Ok, now you’ve watched it. At one point in the trailer we see Bruce Wayne standing in what looks to be the Bat Cave. He appears to be staring at some sort of a hologram projection. The first time I watched the trailer I thought “hmmm ok, that’s a cool hologram…

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DC comics DC Movie News May 3, 2017

New ‘Wonder Woman’ movie poster released and its STUNNING!

This is probably the most stunning poster we’ve seen of the Amazonian warrior. The colors are so vibrant and it just pops out at you. My hype for this film keeps getting bigger and bigger. Can’t wait to see how well Gal Gadot does in this huge feature film. This ‘Wonder Woman’ film is looking better and better with each TV spot I see and every new poster they keep releasing. I just couldn’t be more happy that they haven’t…

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DC comics DC Movie News April 23, 2017

Check out this awesome new concept art from the Wonder Woman film. It’s AMAZING!

Awesome new ‘Wonder Woman’ concept art has been released, and we have it for you here! With just a little over a month left waiting we keep getting little snippets here and there of the film. The trailers have done a GREAT job of not showing us TOO MUCH. Its always nice to see a bit of concept art and seeing how they translate to film. This concept art below shows the battlefield scene that we’ve seen in the trailers…

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DC comics DC Movie News March 25, 2017

[BREAKING] OFFICIAL ‘Justice League’ full trailer released. Watch in HD here!

The trailer we’ve all been waiting for has just dropped guys and it is AMAZING! The ‘Justice League‘ movie is shaping up to be HUGE! Will it be a fan, AND critical success? This team up of heroes is going to be EPIC guys. Check it out below: What’d you guys think? Does this get you excited? Let us know in the comments! Fueled by his restored faith in humanity and inspired by Superman’s (Henry Cavill) selfless act, Bruce Wayne…

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