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Marvel Marvel Television News May 14, 2017

[BREAKING] First full length trailer for ‘The Gifted’ released!

We saw a teaser for the show last week but a now a full length trailer has been released. We still don’t know a lot about this show but we do know it features mutants. This trailee also gave us a little tease of the X-Men univers. With this being a FOX show, will it somehow coincide with their X-Men films? I guess we’ll have to wait and find out. We also see some little spider looking devices that seem…

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Marvel Marvel Television News May 3, 2017

[BREAKING] New Marvels ‘The Defenders’ trailer gets released! WATCH HERE!

We’ve been waiting for a while but FINALLY ‘The Defenders’ trailer is here. This trailer is played to an alternate version of Nirvana’s “Come As You Are” and is perfectly appropriate. The first interaction between Luke Cage and Iron Fist is AMAZING! Watch the trailer below before I spoil it. Pretty amazing trailer, right?! Also . . . ELEKTRA is back?! This show is going to be AWESOME! Let us us know what you think in the comments! “Marvel’s The…

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Marvel Marvel Television News February 17, 2017

Legion: Why you NEED to start watching!

Have you guys been watching Legion? I sure hope so. If not, hopefully I can give you some reasons to start watching and why it’s easily one of the best comic book televisions shows on the air. First, it is TRIPPY! Especially with the pilot episode which 80% of the episode took place within a mental hospital. The cinematography was unique and mind bending. A lot of the pilot episode raised questions like: “Is any of this real?” “Is this…

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